In-Ear One

In-ear sys via guitar cable

The IN EAR 1 system consists a main station, and a beltpack with a headphone amplifier.

The two devices are connected with a high flexible CAT6 cable and the complete transfer of the guitar signal to the amplifier and the stereo monitor signal to the belt pack is done with this cable. The power supply of the beltpack comes from the main station. So, batteries are not required.

All known problems of wireless systems are now a thing of the past. The two stereo channels are mixed in 2 separate channels at the Main Station.

The channel 1 is an input for microphone levels and channel 2 is a stereo input for line levels from the monitor desk. The second channel can be switched to mono if there is no need for a stereo signal.

A build in adjustable limter keeps your ears safe in the case of an "accident" of your sound engineer.

The Advantages of the IN EAR ONE sytem:

- There is only one cable required for the guitar signal and the stereo in-ear signal.
- Hochwertiger Kopfhörerverstärker mit höherer Dynamik im Vergleich zu Funklösungen.
- High quality headphone amplifier implemented with better dynamic compared to
  wireless solutions. 
- No high frequency losses due to long guitar cables. 
- No more hum noise on the guitar cable due to balanced signal transmission. 
- No more failures as in other well known wireless systems. 
- No interference from other wireless systems, no frequency overlap or cancellations. 
- This system is “future proof”. Ocupied frequency areas have become irrelevant.


Produktnummer: 500004360

Tillverkare: Axel Joost Elektronik

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